About us

The company “Dankaz” began its work in 1993.

The company is since the beginning of its existence deals with the trade of textiles.

We offer textile renowned producers from the Balkans.
Companies with which we cooperate: Frotirka – Delcevo, Bond – Delcevo,Teteks – Tetovo, Veteks – VELES, Coats – Sofia…

The company is also famous local manufacturers: Izvor – Niš, Nagard – Bosilegrad, Katex – Sopot, Bebi San Komerc – Arilje, Nikoplet – Leskovac , Lotos -Leskovac, Pikolo Kids – Arilje i.t.d.

We import wool, thread, blankets, terry, patchwork, knitting needles and handicrafts, towels …

The company is in constant development. Working on the expansion of its network of customers.

Excellent sertifikat – Dankaz d.o.o.

Dankaz Ltd. It has successfully passed the evaluation of Coface’s credit card company on the basis of which our company in 2013 issued a certificate Excellent SME Serbia.
Serbian Chamber of Commerce this certificate confirms that our company, which owns verified this page (page)fulfilled the conditions for issuing this certificate.
The basis for the issuance of this certificate credit rating and regular monitoring by the credit rating agency Coface. More about the importance of this certification can be found on page (page).
PRIVREDNA KOMORA Srbije ovim sertifikatom potvrđuje, da je naša firma, u čijem je vlasništvu ova verifikovana stranica (stranica),ispunila uslove za izdavanje ovog sertifikata.